RallyDash Tripmaster 5 is one of the most simple and reliable tripmasters available. It is easy to operate and offers you the information you need while you are competing. It can be purchased in several kits, tailored to the intended use. Read all about the functions of RallyDash Tripmaster 5 here or in the documentation and installation guide that comes with the Tripmaster 5.



The RallyDash Tripmaster 5 can be used for all types of motor- and autosport, from historic events to rally and rally-raid, including FIM and FIA events. It is reliable, accurate, clear, easy and versatile



The RallyDash Tripmaster 5 works in almost all circumstances. Thanks to its rugged aluminum housing, fully sealed electronics and waterproof connectors it copes with water, dirt, heat and cold. The internal rechargeable battery makes sure that you can follow your roadbook to the finish, even if the external power supply fails. Indicators on the battery condition, sensor performance and GPS connection give you continuous information on the operation of the RallyDash Tripmaster 5, which keeps you in control at all times.



GPS or sensor: the RallyDash Tripmaster 5 can be configured to several inputs and automatically switches between them to guarantee continuous operation. The wheel circumference can be set in millimetres and is adjustable while driving. The GPS distance measurement can be set in percentage and is adjustable while driving. The distance in trip and stage mode can also be set to a resolution of 10 meters or 100 meters, to match the roadbook.




Readability is key in rough conditions and at high speeds. The high contrast display, adjustable backlight and large font make the RallyDash Tripmaster 5 easy to read in every situation. Even in dusty conditions with dark, bright, or changing sunlight conditions, you can always read your RallyDash Tripmaster 5.




The menu interface of the RallyDash Tripmaster 5 offers 6 modes, including trip, stage, cap, speed, time and setup. Even on your first event after a long winter, you will find it easy to operate. Zeroing, adjusting distance, switching from trip or stage to speed or CAP is so fast that it can be easily done while driving.



RallyDash Tripmaster 5 has 6 modes: trip, stage, speed, course- over-ground, time and setup. These modes can be selected through the remote control.

TRIP-MODE gives you the total trip distance and trip time. The distance is adjustable with the plus and minus buttons on the remote and can easily be zeroed.



STAGE-MODE allows you to zero the distance with one click. The stage number is incremented or decremented automatically, allowing you to keep track of the tulips in the roadbook.



SPEED-MODE displays the current, maximum and average trip speed.



COURSE-OVER-GROUND-MODE, or CAP, displays your (true) heading when a compatible GPS receiver is connected.



TIME-MODE makes sure you have your rally time of the day available at all times.



SETUP-MODE allows you to configure the RallyDash Tripmaster 5 on the fly, and gives you basic diagnostic info.





For your convenience the documentation and the installation guide of the RallyDash Tripmaster 5 are available as download here:






Dimensions 80x46x22 mm
Weight 170 g
Material Aluminium
Ingress Protection rating IP67
Type High contrast graphical LCD
Resolution 132×32 pixels
Dimension 51×15 mm
Backlight White LED
Font Optimized 9 mm and 13 mm
Input voltage 9-15 VDC
Input current 0.09 A (Maximum)
Protection Reversed voltage and load dump
Backup battery
Charge time < 3 hours
Operating time > 3 hours
Ingress Protection rating IP67
Size 8 mm
Number of connections 3
red Power and GPS receiver
yellow Sensor
blue Remote
GPS receiver input
Transfer rate 4800, 8, n, 1
Control Menu driven
Modes Trip, Stage, Speed, Course over ground (COG), Time and Setup