RallyDash Tripmaster 5 is one of the most simple and reliable tripmasters available. It is easy to operate and offers you the information you need while you are competing.


Winning requires faultless equipment, which does what it needs to do and can cope with the
conditions. RallyDash offers a high quality product that excels in simplicity and reliability, so you can focus on the sport.

  • RD 5 Tripmaster

    Tripmaster and CAP repeater in one device.  Tripmaster works on wheelsensor / GPS antenne. Cap r...

    € 382.-

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  • Pro Navigation set

    The full kit for a fixed mount of the RallyDash inside a vehicle. The GPS receiver and sensor cable ...

    € 836.-

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  • BASIC navigation set

    The basic kit for a functional tripmaster with all our reliable accessories for proper operation. Wi...

    € 573.-

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  • Classic Navigation set

    The practical kit for use in the car or side by side during roadbook events. Use the GPS receiver fo...

    € 789.-

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  • RD Wheel Sensor Cable

    The most used and most reliable Sensor Cable in the world. Compatible with all Tripmasters.

    € 59.-

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  • RD Tripmaster Remote

    Not available at the moment. . .

    € 00.-

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  • RD Power Box

    Power your Rally Dash, CAP Repeater and Roadbook easily!  Ideal for your plug and play navigation s...

    € 93.-

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  • RD GPS Receiver

    Connect the Rally Dash GPS receiver. directly to the power box to enable CAP heading and wheel se...

    € 139.-

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  • RallyDash Tripmaster Looking for a waterproof ‘fit and forget’ tripmaster for our Side by Side we found RallyDash, and we have never looked back.

    Niels Hatzmann

    The units are tough and suitable for every condition, from the desert heat and dust to European winters with water, mud and snow.

    Niels Hatzmann

    When we are racing we need clear and accurate information. The simplicity and reliability of the RallyDash tripmaster has helped us onto the podium several times!

    Niels Hatzmann